About Me

My name is Carole and welcome to my Crafty Escape. I have always had a range of creative hobbies including baking, knitting, sewing and crochet but found my niche when I started card making around 2004 when I had to take a break from university due to ill health. Like many crafters, my hobby has helped me through challenging periods in my life as well as reducing my bank balance. Since starting full time employment I have found myself buying more card making materials than I use and I am hoping that this blog will give me the encouragement that I need to focus on making beautiful things and develop my skills further.

My long-term dream is to set up a crafting workshop and café to enable other crafters to share this wonderful hobby and connect with other crafters. I think that crafting has the power to connect generations, building a sense of community when many of us do not know our neighbours, help develop self-confidence and give people a place to escape to when they are experiencing problems in other parts of their lives.

I hope that you will follow me on this creative journey and I would welcome your feedback on my designs and my blog.