Honey Doo Crafts Workshop August 2017

Firstly, an apology is in order as it is a number of week’s since I last posted. We had a two week break from work during which we focused on home improvements, de-cluttering and deep cleaning before returning to work which has been equally as busy. Therefore, any spare time was focused on making cards, so I have got lots of beautiful projects to share with you.

One highlight of the recent weeks was attending another fabulous Honey Doo Crafts workshop. Amanda, Kay and Martin work so hard to deliver wonderful workshops and even experienced crafters can pick up new techniques and tips. The August workshop focused on three cards: a complex Double Concertina Card, a 3d Clematis Card using their new Create a Clematis Stamp Set, and a Mystical Flowers Card which again used one of their new stamp sets.

Whilst I am not going to provide a step by step guide to these cards (you need to attend the fantastic workshop for that) I wanted to share some of my reflections which may help both new and experienced crafters.

Although I have been crafting for many years I still find workshops inspiring as they give me the opportunity to create prototypes of cards that may not necessarily be something that I would try at home and block dedicated crafting time in my diary. Notice the use of the word prototype, by this I mean that I do not spend time in the workshop trying to cut out each flower perfectly or assemble each layer with millimetre precision, as I can do that when I make subsequent cards at home, instead I prefer to focus on the learning from each project and picking up tips from my fellow crafters. For example I have used the Double Concertina Card example below to make a gorgeous new baby card, and the twisted easel Mystical Flowers Card to make a beautiful birthday card the which will feature in later posts.

I also find that workshops give me the opportunity to try techniques that I have not used before, revisit old techniques that I may have forgotten and see how other crafters approach each card. With the Honey Doo workshops we all bring our own craft mat, paper trimmer, scoring board, adhesives, inks and anything else that we usually craft with. This gives us the perfect opportunity to see other tools and products in action. For example, I discovered Tonic’s Spring Cut Fine Tip Scissors which have become an invaluable tool, that I regularly use, and this time I discovered some beautiful ink pad colour combinations after seeing them in action.

The final reason why I enjoy workshops, is that I block dedicated crafting time in my diary, having taken time off work and paid to attend, my usual excuses of being too busy to spend a complete day crafting do not apply. By blocking that time in my diary and spending a day as part of a crafting community making cards I always feel inspired to return to my craft room and make more cards.

Double Concertina Card


Create a Clematis Card


Mystical Flowers Card











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  1. The double concertina card is spectacular. Love the colours and the photo from above demonstrates the way it is folded.

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